Tuesday, August 25, 2009

HikkaFest 2009 - The Ricer

HikkaFest 2009 is over and still people talking about it. Lot of emails are passing around with HikkaFest 2009 (at least said to be) photos some are with nude photos. But this is not about HikkaFest 2009 or what happened there. This is about the official HikkaFest 2009 web site. It is a ricer among websites. Nowadays we use the term ricer specially for those who modify there cars to give good looks and big sound but no performance modifications.

The HikkaFest 2009 web site was designed by a web desiging company called We Are Designers. The website is a full flash site. But it haven't taken in to account the usability and performace of the website. People will need 2GB+ memory and higher end dual core processors to view this website. Even then this site is slow. And almost add a good broadband link to the above list. :-)

This kind of design shows that the HikkaFest IT advicers or/and web designers are not that matured. Lack of experience and creativity.

Apart from the big performace issue. The developers have simply forgot to keep simple security procedures. People can list files in direcories. Chek following,

This is not a personal attack on HikkaFest IT advisors or HikkaFest 2009 web developers. This blog post was intendent to make a point for the good will of Sri Lankan IT community and to make sure this kind of mistakes won't happen agian.